August 11, 2009

I Know What Mine Is..

You KNow

That and a Jack n' Coke... ahhh..
Whats the elixir that opens back up them pores lol?
Are you a mixer?
A straight chaser?
Are you allergic to dark liquor?
Cant stand the taste of white liquor? (smdh)

I been drinkin on my potion for a lil while tonite..
It got me in the zone to read a good part of my book..
I've been missing alot of my old blog traffic but
I guess that comes with the times..
Hope all's monday came witout haste.
Mine is going in a light blur.
Be blessed freinds, just checkin in.

(oh shouts to Snoop and all the Jews that are cool- they always have the great weed, like that seven syllable shit.. the third girl I ever slept with was Jewish, she was fine too..)

August 5, 2009

Damn Tickets...

I got a mothafuckin ticket. Aint that a bitch! Speeding ticket at that! Man happened last week but shit its starting to get on my damn nerves right about now. I been driving bout ten years now and I’ve never got a traffic citation in my damn life. Now I HAVE been pulled over for no insurance and back in the gap( way, way back) for driving without a license; but never for running lights, speeding, and shit like that. I think of myself as a pretty good driver. I drive fast but not a speed demon. Im not over aggressive on the road nor do I drive Ms Daisy. I give people their space- a lot of mothafuckas cant seem to learn that one then be mad they smashed in to somebody tail end and shit- get ova yaself! But you know, ‘It had to be me’.. That’s what I thought. Now I just got finished paying off some tickets that turned into warrants for driving without insurance from some time back when. JUST GOT FINISHED.
Now Im a midst several commitments that got my money tied up plus some other pertinent responsibilities.. Because I had two tickets that went into warrants I got that damn SR-22 shit slapped on my license. Didn’t pay that off yet. (so if you putting it together Im driving with a suspended liscence- yea I kno) . Now I’m heading into work, right after rush hour right.. Im on the new toll road on the outskirts of town. You can do 70 on that hoe and because its privately owned local police aren’t allowed to speed trap and do general pull overs; Only State Troopers & Sheriffs for obscene driving… Following? Ok.. Now the toll turn into the white people highway (rich side of town-very nice cars, cops are no where).. Im not half a mile from where the toll road ends; not half a damn mile now(granted I was doing 80 and I honestly wasn’t paying attention to my speed). Now my exit is right after toll road turns into the highway and I have to get over from the left side to the right. So Im checking my mirrors and in my rear view (to my surprise) I see a sheriff’s car. Its cool, insurance on the whip, tags and everything cool – so what im driving with a suspended license – been doing it for a good while now. Instinctively, I first look at my speed- shit im doing 80. No worries; I let up off the gas. Im now wondering how long this bastard was behind me. Then I realized that I kinda cruised pass this brown car that I saw out the corner of my eye (Sherriff brown im now assuming- like who drives brown cars, Matlock and Columbo is dead, I think).
Ok, so im now signaling right crossing 2 lanes (4 lane hwy) to exit. This nigga is following me.. I got the “aint this some bullshit lips on my face” right about now- swag still wavy. Mind you im only three blocks away from where I need to be. I hit da left, this nigga hit the left. I get through the light- this nigga must be on my dick cuzz now he poppin cherries. Im pulled over at da Wendys. Aint this a bitch. Im thinking I’m bout to go to jail- ‘awww snap!’(like the asian dude in the 3conomy commercials). Shit I never been pulled over for no infraction plus I go this SR-22 shit(making my license suspended) – I didn’t know how it works.. But check tha bullshit- I stop, take a breath, park , then I look back to see who im dealing with -the damn CONSTABLE (yea that mothafucka!) of allllllll niggas is one to pull me over. I was through. Aint this nigga supposed to serve warrants and shit?! ‘Da fuck he doing pulling me over? Does he have to go this far above and beyond his call of duty to pull my ass over? You know I had to laugh…. Anywayz bout 40 mins, another sheriff- that one on dickhead finger-on-tha-trigger patrol (more likely finger in his but patrol) -and 3 citations later- plus the black paparazzi( yea they come out for star studded criminals and petty crime shit), these niggas make me late and let me on my merry way.
Im not downing cops, because I a hell of a lot of of them get the raw deal cause of some. Personally, as a black man, here in Austin and all everywhere else, my run ins with the law have been a smooth as they can be. A lot of us need to learn to respect their jobs and there roles in the community. One cop do you wrong, don’t treat the next one like shit and not expect to get hemmed up- even sometimes when your right. Don’t kiss ass but be respectful and know that them mothafuckas is likely scared of you. Fix ya damn face, especially if you aint do nothing wrong.. A lot of the ladies say they aint got no probs with them because most practice this with run ins with the law and its professional and cordial, for the most part. Emotions run high when cops are called because of what is going on in most cases… But in this particular case Constable sir… YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP… (and that’s just one of the things that grinds my gears.) -Q

July 27, 2009

Lets Get Random

Man , damn Vernon Forest got shot up.. This is a bad season for nigga trying to hold on to his life. Im trying to tell yall - this shit is scary these days. Steve McNair, MJ. Vern was a good dude man. He was actually going hard for HIS community in need- we dont got too many examples that came back home to make a difference.. Look at Harlem. so sad.

I been getting my school shit together. Excited- just to be learning, engaging my brain. Ever wake up and just feel dumb. I hate those days.. But whats messed up is im thirsty for knowledge all the time, I still pick up Encyclopedias and read up on history and science and stuff.. All I ever watch on tv is like cspan and discovery and all that shit.

Have yall seen this thing called the 'Fleshlight'? smh.

I think I get it now, why most black men( nobody's and notables) got that "Im gonna get you sucka look on they face when they get hemmed up by the cops.. Playa's aint tryin to get caught up like this. Skip look like he got straight hemmed up- feel sorry for the brotha.

Im sitting here debating on whether I hate the heat more than I dread going back to the cold in NYC. That shit gets Brick-ass out there. Yall know.. some of yall . Cold as shit! I mean I miss my Timbs and the NorthFace look (thats so classic to me) but I aint used to hitting the streets with the windchill on Flinstone Push Pops. fuck that. BUT THIS HEAT!!!! AHHH shiid.. Man I aint never got used to just walking out my house( for 9 months mind u) and just moistening up if i breath to hard.. It be bad specially them days you trying to go somewhere andsoon as you step out the whip down there feel like you had some hot nasty sex ... Pits look like an anxious dog done sat on your shirt; and ya forehead look like Johnny Gill's singin 'My My My' or after some bodywork wit Eddie. If you aint know theres a reason why niggas fight so much in the south. I wish a mothafucka would piss me off on a 106 day, shiiiiid.

I loooove hispanic women. Weakness since elementary. I think its a NYC thing. Typically Puerto Rican and Dominican. I've never really been attracted to a Mexican girl though. I had a partna of mine try to tell me that PR's and DR's are all the same.. Man we had a fall out that day. There is a difference. Just my opinion.

I still cant believe I put the weed down.(Lost for words)... I guess im just doing somethin different. Im a functionable weed head (as many young black folk are)- its just part of the lifestyle. I work better, study better, the sex is better - just shit, you know, in general is better(for me) after getting a L in the system. I been smokin since what, 12? never misssed a beat. But I guess too much of anything gets old. I havent quit! But I havent missed it- think about though. Just been passin on the sessions, lately.. Its weird, I guess. My homey told me I was trying to bring down my tolerance. go figure.

I got intouch with a friend the other day. Old friend. I was glad we touched base. Sometimes we as people hurt one another with the things that we dont say; that we dont address. I mean it is what it its, but respect is resolved. At least I hope so. Somethin about me (whether its me or them), creates a gravity of some sense when I meet people.. Women. Gift and a curse.. I love people. People apparently love me. Sometimes there's a lil lovin involved lol. Im not gonna go into this one.

Are you ready for some Football!!!!? Nope? Bring Basketball back.

For the record if you haven't already been in the know.. Lebron James was dunked on by Jamal Crawford. A College boy 192 lbs soaking wet...Head on. Lebron had the tapes in a kungfu grip. Step ya MJ23 up bitch. (Oh, um, Lebron James- the King of New York 2010- but until then ur under my nuts hoe!). Knicks!!! Fuck 50.

I need a Blackberry.. or iPhone.

I dont know what else I got.. I was just wing'n this one.. left my scratch at the house...
Praise Him, at all times. God is Love.B.I.G. rest in peace. Harlem -waddap. Somebody blaze up a dutch for ya boy. Cop that Jadakiss n D-Block joints. East Coast Hip Hop will be in full effect in about 5 mins. Believe that.
100 -Q.
And im out.

July 23, 2009

Rollin Right Along...

Ayyyyo!!!waddap people. sad to be gone for a hot lil second, glad to be back. Was on vacation the other week and I kinda just seperated from everything the best that I could. Technology for one, media, my friends all that shit.. Of course some hatin ass mothafucka gotta throw they shit it in it. But hey, we been saying that same shit for years haven't we. Theres a poin in time where you have to CUT the Bullshit off and live.. Im not gonna get into that but alot of us say we do but with some things we dont know how to cut that shit right at the foot. Im adamantly trying to get with that program with ALL things so I can live life. Cuzz we all know these hatin' azz mothafuckaz gonna be the same tired niggas in life till THEY start to live. We know it so lets move on..

Anyway I had a good time I went to the beach in Galveston. Plush, to say the least about the trip... Me time. Such a plus.. Im from one of the fastest cities in the world but I think my soul got captured by some tiny country town or island villa somewhere because tranquility, quietness, stillness- it captivates me and I bask in it everytime I get the chance.. I remember as a child my mom used to read everynight and it would just be me and her, so if i wasnt romping around or had everything that had a plug blaring, it was fairly quiet.. Sometimes id get bored of being entertained and i'd just come and lay up wit my mom.Sometimes i'd read some of what she was reading.Sometimes I'd read my own shit. Sometimes id just be still and quiet. Its almost as exciting as being in the midst of something hectic.

Anywayz had alot of that. Drank alot of liquor, BBQ'd.. The Beach was the best.Second to the deck we had on the second floor of the house. Pure party spot. but when the sky started to turn orange then a hazy red, the water somewhat still, tiny ripples it captivates you and take you to a place within.. We dont get that enough amongst the masses and that was really cool. I came back rejuvenated and put some things in order. Im finally in my last phase of planning to go home. Its happening and I couldnt be more excited.. The only thing thats a drag is that my square footage is drastically going to be snatched from me. Talking bout 1000+ sq foot to 5, maybe 600 sq foot apartment (smh).. Its cringes my fingers to think about it. But other than that its NYC! Its Harlem- my home. I'll probably live in the outskirts (White Plains, Jerz City) where its a little cheaper but im right there you know. I get to eat Carribean and chinese food whenever I want. awwww. just thinking about exhaust's me - in a good way. My first year back will be rough but soooo much fun..

Im looking for a new gig, to up the ante my last months here.. I'm not going to be able to transfer to NY with what im doing here so I might as well get paid lovely for the rest of my stay. I've been looking into work back home;dropping my name to several employers just so im in the mix when I get there. Optimism is the key, if I see any set backs, I've already failed. Im also putting myself to get back in to school this semester.. I have to graduate.. Its a must for me. The way I was raised, I wont feel that I've accomplished the basics of my life if I dont complete the next level of my education. The refund check is gonna help as well. But I didnt have it before, so I dont have it once it hits my account. Dont know what im gonna take, but since I copped out to my original major, physical therapy - shouts to D'Youville College- I kindv'e been in disarray about a educational path. Im heading in the direction of international business.. It shall be done.. Narrowed down my choices of schools when I get back and all. Ive never been about lateral movement in the first place. Movement is either forwards or backwards, fuck tha bullshit. I miss alot of my old blogging folk, where you guys at.. I got another post coming behind this one real quik just wanted to drop a lil somethin cuzz people been tellin me i need to post.. -Q. Im so heavy.

July 15, 2009

Ya Boy on Vacate...

Waddap Romper Roomers.. I know I had the blog set aside for a quick lil minute. Well thing is, is that ya boy is on vacation!! Well vaction. lol Yea I went down to Galveston off the coast for some RnR. Im enjoying myself as much as i can.. And the alcohol is carrying me the rest of the way through. Im staying at a real plush beach house through a hook up and im down here for a week.. I'll try to get some pics up let yall know what im fuckin wit.. Miss yall- My up front players and the email clic who hits me behind the curtains.. Lil do u know yall are in my prayers and thoughts alot(at all times). But I put down pretty much all the communications I normally rock on a day to day basis till Saturday.. Be cool. I hit the beach today... Im warn out.. hopefully I get the speedboat hookup from some people I know out here.. Im out yall peacenluv -Q.

Yeah folk, let me know whats good.. I still got my eyes peeled just aint stretching my neck out lol

Michael Jackson
Aturo Gatti
Steve McNair
Farrah Fawcett
Joyce Destina Roberson-Grandma I Love U Always...

July 3, 2009

Oh Hell to the N.O.- DOS(Death Of Swag)

Some shit ya boy can just do without.. With that said I can already deal without ever Swagg Surfin in my life. Give me some Eric B and Rakm, some EPMD... But come on people, are you fucking kidding me... Personally it made me tired and hungry at the same time.. smfh

June 29, 2009

Big Push

This year, October 19th, 2009, I will turn 28. Many times like this, it knocks a pause of thought and reflection,when it comes to my attention. The majority of my friends are opening the door (to 30) or just tipped-toed through. To date I've been reluctant to talk about it with them. Wondering about what I might be uncomfortable to find out and/or bare bare witness to realizations that I've been working on and failed to attain.

An overwhelming flow of responsibility has been pushing at me as the years come along. Sometimes I think maybe I made 30 my own tipping point..Where cause and more importantly direction will be clear. Therefor my moves and actions towards my goals are fluid and bold. No longer are the days that (I accept being told or having the mindset) I'm a young man and I have a life ahead of me. At 27 your life should have begun to show sign of fruit of progression in life. Not necessarily results but what you've done and planned for from adolescence to young adult life. For this, is the beginning. Or at least should be. I feel that my 27( 25, 24 for that matter)yr/old's path should be charted at this time.. Maturity and benchmarks- with school, career, property, savings, investments ect.would be starting to get met without as much match as when I was 20, 21. No longer the young man am I.

'The old nigga is makin' it or needs to get his act together'. Literary thought. My mom always emphasized to me; maximize your 20's. "You dont wanna struggle when your going through the struggle. I've come to intimately realize that the(responsible: key word) 35+ person deals with stresses, responsibilities, planning and everyday encounters much more profound than a young adult. Its not quite the same and for that they earn a hell of aot of respect for that. Because its always easy to do nothing, to be irresponsible, to be not dependable, humble, not to have a foresight of your younger and elder members of your folks future's- we all know a handful of folks that when as far as up the block, to the corner store, and back- and it took they whole life to do it...And thats all they know?

New York City (as a kid coming in to this world in the early 80's) I remember 30's as an age people flourishing or fighting there afflictions: trying to find a balance in career/home/financial stability, some were fighting drug addiction to actually live life once again, finding love or deciding to personally run from it, and transitioning into leaders of the clan and keepers of the elderly. We all remember what we witness, especially as young children and generally make a mold of some model we seen- 'lot of us swear we our own person but we just found somebody outside of any circle we know to be like... If we didnt, we could trash the word inspiration.

I have a wonderful gift of parents. One that has taught me how to persevere, plan, and attack goals- another has taught me the pitfalls of lack of responsibility, discretion, and what mistakes not to make to be comfortable and more so at peace at 50+(its so00 not that far away- think of how fast your years of late has past you). Life is what you live, so you have to live it, you have to take chances, you have to expose and be truthful to your weaknesses- for they will hold you back in life more than anything,you have to allow yourself to not get grown too quick. But its a big mental push- not an obstacle.. Perhaps more of what you dont know and the anxiety when you cross that threshold.. But I got my head up- already taking the old as Eddie Murphy jokes and shit better without slapping the end-of-bread- crumbs outta sombody's mouth. I still look bout 20 so thats a check.I think that means 30 @50 right. Im just gonna keep right on pushin.. Shouts to the grown folks.. -Q.