August 11, 2009

I Know What Mine Is..

You KNow

That and a Jack n' Coke... ahhh..
Whats the elixir that opens back up them pores lol?
Are you a mixer?
A straight chaser?
Are you allergic to dark liquor?
Cant stand the taste of white liquor? (smdh)

I been drinkin on my potion for a lil while tonite..
It got me in the zone to read a good part of my book..
I've been missing alot of my old blog traffic but
I guess that comes with the times..
Hope all's monday came witout haste.
Mine is going in a light blur.
Be blessed freinds, just checkin in.

(oh shouts to Snoop and all the Jews that are cool- they always have the great weed, like that seven syllable shit.. the third girl I ever slept with was Jewish, she was fine too..)


12kyle said...

My drank is Henny. I drink it str8 or with Coke.

-Q. said...

I put the henny down for a season after i had some Henny Privilege then found out how much the 5th was. No other way to drink that boy other than straight. cheers

Mizrepresent said...

I'm a drinker...i ain't gonna lie...on the daily, it's wine, but when i'm out it's Patron, Silver Patron to be exact. In thee winter it's the Henny mixed with Baileys
in my part we call the mix "Beautiful" and that's exactly how i feel "Beautiful".

-Q. said...

I only like when you tell the truth anywayz Miz. Im on the daily too. My Patron is costly so i dont hit that on the regular. I gotta try that(Hen) with the Baileys, sounds like something caramel to lay up with lol. "Beautiful" yall call it.. I can understand.. Saude madame..

GL0 said...

So i have NEVER taken a sip of nething before.. so this dialect ur speaking of is quite foreign to me.. lol

PhlyyGirl said...

I drink daily. I don't do dark anymore (Unless someone buys it for me, then i do whatever)
My fav is Ciroc, and before you say it, I was drinking it before Diddy ass Diddy bought stock in the company.
The only reason I love it so is because the 2 liter is wayyyyyy cheaper than buying the little bottles and it lasts me for AT LEAST a month. Plus it goes well with errrrrthang. Lemonade, soda, fruit, gatorade(don't ask)
and um I literally LOL'd @ "the third girl I ever slept with was Jewish, she was fine too..."


Eb the Celeb said...

I'm a vodka girl... vodka with just about any chaser... a nuvo girl... my fav is ruby red absolute to make a cosmo but the smoothest vodka is kettle one. On occasion I'll venture on the wild side and mess with some rum or tequila but tequila is the devil. Haven't touched dark liquor since college. It makes me

CoogieCruz said...
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CoogieCruz said...
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