September 10, 2008

So on the tube last nite...

And I seen the tail end of The Shield.. On of my favorite( and very few) shows I ever watch.. Problem is I dont know when and where im popping in at.. every show is a worldwind because the main cops in the story are crooked and always covering up shit, and also the filming style.. Dont know if it was new or a rerun.. Anyways.. I saw a scene and although its not the whole scene,i wanted to share it with yall.. It was just one of those put-it-in perspective moments.. We are our only hope you know, we gotta steer our youth out of the tunnels of dispair.. Our communities still treat strays to the street as a r I hope yall get a chance to catch the full episode.. What i saw was good.. If anybody wanna hook a brotha up i only got seasons 2 and 3.. Birthday coming up on the 19th.. Next month- waddap Libras! walk good yall -Q.

whats your cop (or law) show?

September 9, 2008


Do all the round- the-way ladies with phat asses have big foreheads.. And if so is it a prerequisite? Its a discussion i have from time to time... What do yall think?
(of course with some exceptions)

PSA: Ya boy -Q. has absolutely nothing wrong with phat asses and fo- and some five-heads okay.. Im just broadening my understanding.. Thank you...

walk good yall, -Q.

September 6, 2008

Today is Not Yesterday..

Kin'shar I feel you..

Gotta fight the demons..Only one Big Bad Wolf

in this crib, in this -Q. and its me. I would howl

but i'll probably get a dame or two hot in the puss lol..

Who the fuck am i - Im sure not Tip from the Tribe or

?uestluv from the Roots.. I dropped almost a page and

a half of the next thang platinum! What yall doin?

Me, Kool and The Gang.. Oh the Triple OG Bud Lime..

Catchin the West Virginia / Eastern Carolina game

Very good times.. I be wondering what

you're doing, you know that? Yep..

What yall got going on this weekend?

I got of clothes to wash.. I got silk drawz on smh...

I feel like Prince or somethin.. Can somebody tell me

where is Dave Chappelle, i feel like I lost a cousin or

some shit! Its starting to upset me lol..

Yall wanna hear some '08 Rebel Music? Rap at that?

Get the Young Jeezy.. Its not the greates.. But its

definately good and conscious to the shit thats of the

world. Plus (win or lose) you get some of them good-

ole' slab swangin beats that sound so nice with quality

shit.. Shouts to Traders Village in Dallas- I been hearing

alot of shit about yall- i might have to come fuck wit ya. .

I stopped writing this earlier because i got caught up in

some weekend fuckery, but it was all to the good.. Man

the things these young strip-and-tippers can do... Common

is coming to town Thursday at Emos' I dont know if I'll try to

go - its not expensive though.. we' ll see...

I'll share a secret with yall.. many moons ago i picked up a toy

guitar at best buy and this little 7 year old came and picked up

a similat guitar sitting next to mine.. we played a melody together

with the songs notes flashing across the 52 inch screen.. The child

was so far more skilled than i was.. And then the silkiest of pseudo-thick

yellabones- a tall one, cryptonite to my psyche, walked up .. After

observing the happenings for a few short moments,she laughed at me,

not even.. giggled. That was worse.. For this kid grandstanded on my

five minutes of rockstar status lol.. I woulda bagged shorty that day in

another setting.. Needless to say i have a slight a addiction for Guitar Hero

now.. Go figure.. Oh and i.c.c. me patron and cuervo had a threesome.

sorry theyre real easy.. we can share?

who going to church wit me in a couple hours?

...Im gonna take it nice and slow tonite.. my options are limited - I like that..-Q.

September 5, 2008


Today is one of those days...
Today is a day that i dont need..
Today I should feel better than i do..
Today, like a few other days in my month, is rough..
Today I have to be strong..
Today I feel cheated of what i deserve..
Today a nigga might catch it just because.. its today
Today that might not happend , but MF's say the wrong things
..and its happened before..
Today im the side of me that I loathe..
Today I wonder if this is the real me..
Today I think of all the wrongs ive done
.. and all rights ive done, that people have done wrong..
Today I want to be alone..
Today I know I really dont want to be alone..
Today I miss my mother more than usual,
my first love..
Today I talk myself down..
Today I want something out of my reach..
Today I reflect on the gift and the curse.. my personality..
Today I just want to walk away from everything..
Today I feel lonely but im not alone..
Today I give yall alittle of what a Today is for me..
Today I pray for anyone's Todays that reads this..
Today is so much more than what I portray.
Today I will say thank you for being you..
Today however is not tomorrow.

Waddap Kia, Butz, KP, lil curt, Rolando, Tash,LilV,A-dree,lil pimpin- love you babygirl, JR, GrannyT, Netha, Ms Mac Dow-wat up ma!! My nigga J, Bub, Big Chris, jaymee, Shelly- get ya fuckin mind right, Trina,My bitch Esco- miss da fuck outta you!!, Hendo, Jet, Fat Shack aka Shaquille lol and the two babymamas 4 blocks apart ha!!!- you my brotha fam!..Oompa, Jet, Tone Loc, JJ still tippin.. Tasty, Nutty Buddy, Fred, Meaty,Sgt Maj, Jason and all of Alpha.. yall niggas and us kept that shit hood fa real!Kristen ( I woulda married your as at 13!!) Allen- yall this bitch can sing (literally) to the high heavens.. Sharon and Andre, the whole 97 cma click, 2Sev click, 43rd, T-Streetz da gunna- 2 more years my nigga and we gone ball! Pop Dukes-lookin like 57 homey! No money-No honeys-aka ARAB, southside ATX waddap(lil mexico lol).Hollis Queens, Pat Creno, Doo-ville niggas.. Cap Carter-where you at?!Canadian Lights, T-dot-O, Oz, Eric B, My nigga D, and my bitch Dee.. All the folk that i ever visited blogging.. I love this culture. Miz waddap Lovebabz waddap , FieldNegro.. you know.. All the folk who fucks wit me.. Niggaz keepin it 500 like SupaDave and 12kyle.. Eb,-1-.. all yall.. Be blessed .. And for thosed touched by ya name aint up there I aint forget yall- yall already know wat it is..

Man som Patron gonna get a nigga fucked in the game tonight if they say the wrong thing to me I swear lmao! ohhh shit.. yall be safe this weekend
Not Today -Q.