August 26, 2008

RomperRoom Rants.... (DNC edition)

-Did yall check out that Living the dream Tee that Terrance had on on the 106nPark 2000th show(last week)? It had a (photo)shopped pic of MLK an Barrack both sitting at desks in deep thought. It was a powerful image.. I've been looking for it on the internet for it.. But i found a whole bunch of cool as Obama shirts out that are pretty fly.. I think im gonna step out and rep my dude couple times a week till election day.. IDK..

- I loved how Michelle Obama captured America the opening Day of the Democratic National convention. She spoke about the values that link us all together as Americans. Mainly our struggles for the "Dream" and love for our children and family. I was going to post the day of but i had to let it sit a little because i had a sour taste about it.. See it was a great speech for some.. It was a great speech for its purpose, thats why i call it a success- but I think, well i know she is such a better speaker than that of woman of the presume next president of our country- a black woman at that... The stage hasnt been grander for someone falling in that category.. I mean have any of yall heard her speak ? I was proud nevertheless..

-Did yall see Bill Clinton pull down that black aide that was sitting with him last night(second night of the DNC) after they mentioned his name and he got a standing ovation.. that was strange..

-FYI for those who might wanna know, Bill Clinton speaks tonight at the convention at 10est okay( even on BET-we moving on up lol)?! Oh Thursday Barrack "The Rock" Obama, kay im done

-umm, moving along.. I was supposed to get my first tattoo last Sun.. I been trying to get it for the last couple of weeks. Its gonna be so throwed! I never was in a rush to get one. I dont know- all my peeps had em since mid teens and shit.. Is that weird? I never was against them, just believed that alot of thought has to go into one..

-Football season is storming upon us this year.. Hoorah, and thats about it.. I like football, a fairly good amount.. but it just doesnt excite me the way basketball does.. Maybe its because im basketball playing knucklehead from the streets of Harlem. Jets and Giants- these gm's put on for my city family.. Im so proud right now lol.. Best part of footbal season is tailgating..and free booze and bbq, good fuckin times- Oh there retiring Vince Young's jersey out here Univ. of Tex at the first game, im gonna try to go.

-Speaking of football, shouts to the shorty, Harlemite Eb the Celeb.. Sorry i missed out, good lookin though boo if you catch this- you already know what it is... To me this her season. Her and 12kyle love the Cowboys (im gonna catch hell for this lol). She has 3 pages that i frequent but I like her sports page the most( when shit in sports is poppin).. You dont get too much of the female perspective from sports and she holds it down.. Yall both cant see me in no Madden. nuff said lol.

- I mean i cant help but over look all this football talk with the thoughts of what Melo,D-Wade and Lebron gonna do this year. damn.. moving along

- Am I the only person out in the streets who loves kick and didnt get a pair (ONE) of Jordan Fusions? straight bullshit. Im upset.

-Oh ! and how bout tickets for the Dwele concert this weekend, and they canceled the shit, are you serious?! Are you fuckin serious. Austin is the "Live Music Capitol of the World"- of punk, powdered up blues and white folk music in general.. Not that i got anything against that but they should just add al that in the title so a mawfucka would know. okay? okay.

-Has anyone tried that New Amsterdam Gin I was talking about? If you havent try it with lime.. If you like to juice up ya drink or even drink up ya juice, try a splash of some dole pineapple orange banana juice and some coke(-a-cola) Good times, whew..

-Hope yall bloggin who in them hurricaine states is staying safe and shit you know.. I know i aint gotta tell most of my black folk but just so you know- Keepin it real goes wrong sometimes- this i know from prime time cable programming okay.. Pick up some shit, and run if hurricaine Alejandro or whoeverthefuck is coming and they say it aint safe yall.. We dying from all the obvious shit these days - lets just control the shit we can..

I feel hope in the air for our country. I think this election is really making the majority of people cross the country actually think. the hell if their view is the same as yours- there actually thinking.. And thinking minds correlate wonders..

-why are we seeing so many people (black people) publicly putting there kids on drugs.. Watdafuk is that about. this shit is rediculous (smh)

-Did i happen to say that BET has had coverage of the Democratic Convention coverage. man i was ready to do my "Ta'hell wit BET" post this week but i think i'll fall back .. this week. Sheet my cousin Jeff holdin it down. roots and berries all in them locks.. listen playa, i aint mad at ya.

- Ive had Barracks book - "The Audacity of Hope" for about a month now.. I havent read more than 20 pages.. I always get lost in somthin else.. but i bought Mary Mary by james patterson (you know, Kiss the Girls,Along CameA Spider)last week and im half way through with it..

-Miss you ma.. I'm homesick well nah i think its evolved in to the (homesick)desease.. its manifesting into my body. Im gonna slap a nig..listen.. Pray for me.

-I'm blowing my damn lunch to chop it up wit yall. You know what i gots ta go..

Aye, anybody wanna do happy hour then roll down to skating rink- everybody bring some funky RnB cd's we can make a night out of it till somebody break somethin.. I still think i got some moves.. let me know, yall be easy -Q.

August 20, 2008

Thats the way that it goes..

But its alright..
Fucks wit me on this one yall..

For those of you that dont know those were the sounds of Ledisi, one of my favorite artist's right now. Its a powerful song- kind of got that 'Live it Up'(John Legend) feel to it.. I been going through some shit as of late and it put me in focus last night and got me started this morning. Its funny how music can do that. There really is a power in words and music. I KNOW yall cant see shorty blowing it down, but this was the best sounding perfomance I could get of the song.. the video to this is locked down from embedding everyplace I found it on the Tube..
You kno, our lives are contoured with obstacles and set backs.. We are blessed to have them- for without them we learn nothing.. Fortunately (alot of) those who choose not to learn from those opportunites, learn that they are fools- thats in my opinion. But He has made it to where no matter what, that if we are here, we will be alright. Folk might not like to see me cuss when i say this, but keep God in front of all ya bullshit in life, he'll make sure to clear the way. Be mad, be bitter, be reluctant, but be able to get up shake that shit off and have faith that if you live right that your path will lead you the right way.. I aint really got shit to say today; I just wanted to share something that lifted me up with my people... -Q.

"I just wanna run and hide,
but I dont have the time to cry..
It's alright, it's alright"

August 15, 2008

(Rainbow) Coalition Cutz...

Ladies, Fellas have you ever went to your barbershop/beautician and the mothafucka aint there? Okay this is more for the fellas than ladies cuzz most of the ladies dont walk in- In alot of barbershops the fellas have the luxury of walking in with a little wait- little meaning 10 to 45 mins mmmkay. Alright. Me I used to go to the shop twice a week. That was the typical thang.. Cut on a Friday, shapeup/edgeup/line/taper whatever yall call it from region to region on a Tuesday or Wednesday. To me its a playa ass rotation.. Plus my hair grow back fast so im on top that game. But on them days you show up and that dusty afrosheen smelling fucker isnt there, its a BIG problem.

I dont know these other clowns at the shop. I dont sit in they seat. I mean would you? I aint sitting in anybody chair I dont know well. Fuck That like good pussy, i'll be damned!Cuzz for one they dont know your head, ladies the same go wit yall with hair and nails- yall know that shit. I am not trying to be the next Black Gumby.. Yall it was funny.. This busta I happen to know from the streets was there and we chopped it up for a hot min- my barber (who own the shop) wasnt there- my back up wasnt there either right.. Just some new guy cuttin' some clown in the chair who looked like he 2 weeks late for a cut(right after getting out the chair) and said busta. Following right? The busta i know been going to this dude for some years, I find out, through the couple minutes of banter,he jumpin in the convo(the barber) here and there tryin to build a lil connection cuzz its just us three in the shop. Low and behold, I was trying to kill a little time to see if my barber gonna walk through (and get a break from 103 degree heat)... So im watching the lil booty stipper hood vids they got going on - There was this yellabone wit a donk, I swear she popped left popped right um, nevamind but yea killin time. then this fool (tha busta) gonna ask me if i wanted to go in front cuzz he was chillin till the shop close.. I almost got, well I did get offended- but i said it laughing to play it off. At that current moment of time I had realized that it was time for me to leave so as i gave my dapp to the busta, I had to let him (and the inadvertantly, the barber) know that shit wuud neva-EVVA happen. I'll be damned!
This was the quote. "Nigga you got me fucked up, what i look like getting cut up by some clown i dont know". I know he heard me and i'll likely have some problems when i go back today lol but my barber and the ones there know im like that. ther could be nobody waiting for the other barbers, they wont even askme cuzz i'll ask em if they crazy. Its just a respect (for my barber) and a familiarity thing thats all. But homey was yong and young cats out here- not all but alot of em- are sensitive thugs so he prolly gonna wanna bump his shit and then im gonna have to adress the disrespect. Oh my life- haircuts are supposed to be easy and convenient- I AINT TRYING TO HAVE NO HALF MOON! EFFF DAT! And I aint doing no damn movies!

My Godson Puff, take that...


August 11, 2008

Forever Mac'n

If bringing love to people through comedy..

Being a role model for black men everywhere,

Showing through art, the lost values of a people could be saved,

to be a living Testament that through perserverance and dedication

that success is a reward at the end of a day..

To be loved for being tru to ones self when the sun sets..

I'd want to be a MAC till the day i Mothafuckin die!

Believe that.. Rest in Peace Mac Man, u took a peace of me wit you fam...

But this the RomperRoom family and we gonna two step your ass all the way upstairs. For i wont let your life come and go without the celebration of it, at the least baby!

So put ya gators on, some yella socks and ya good hat baby Cuzz they waiting

for that funny shit when you get settled up there.. Lets Jam!

(and yes, we'll be playing the same 7 songs all fuckin nite! lol)
There's some yak and some ribs n shit in the back. Dont act ignorant wit my shit!
Bernie, I woulda brought some hoes and draped you out in gold playa, but this is the best I can do. I'll slap somebody for ya, just send the message through mah spirit lol.. Respect.

I missed u shorty, glad u back. you already know.
2 part harmony lol -Q.

August 7, 2008

So many Q's, Not enough songs..

Just a peek...

But I deliver!!
Kyle i'm gonna take you back, way back.. back in to time boss.
Vibe on that dere

woulda got the video..
but this the full song...
actually added it to the collection...

Alright sexxys and gents.. My office hours are from 8-5.
(and the last 20 i gotta do sum work otay? otay. okay)
Walk good yall -Q.

So in my monthly dose of BET...

I happened to see this.. And this Happens to be my favorite shit (as of right now)..
Ride this wave wit me yall.
[oh and thanx bet for 5 min well 30mins of quality footage of access granted for this vid]

They Samplin' Mawfukin Jodeci!!, I couldnt believe it!! I heard this song a couple times prior to seeing the vid, but even then.. I felt so old that a group i was coming up with is now getting sampled.Jodeci is my all time favorite RnB group, so when I heard KC droppin the chorus to 'Cry For You' It was straight swang-n-bang in tha whip, you already know. I actually, when i heard the beat, hoped for a mixtape that would actually blend the original song and the beat to Bun's song together- that would be so live.. (anywayz) Its a good regional song, you know, feel good music.. make you feel proud to be where you from. My hood aint the same no more, but it made me think of all the NYC reppin time hits that came from up top.

I had seen Da Pimp(C) in '06 for my Birthday out here in Austin. RIP.. [a little background: I been in the south for while between military school (SC) and I stayed in the A(TL) for about a year when i was trying to set up shop out there. I moved back to SC (wit my bf)when things got rough for me out there in the A. Been in TX since '04 so you know this is 'home' right now. So i have (young)roots in the south, but i been here, for a while. Its a love/hate affair but it is what it is.] My city, as i came up always repped for their's and the south, as far as hip hop goes (against the world), is one and i love when they get the 1st team guys to stand up.. Alot of people dont know the TX hip hop story and boy you dont even have to ask around to have it drilled in your ear lol.. But Pimp was definately a forefather out here and he got a presence about him when he performed, when you were around him.. Its really captivating. I guess I can understand how some of the wine sippers these days can still talk about what they felt at a Prince concert lol..

I know im babbling but all them thoughts along with going back with Jodeci. I had to put this on here cuzz its me and I fux wit all them boyz. Man I gotta put on for my city shit!

Who yall bumpin from tha south?

August 5, 2008

Had to sleep on this..

But the morning after.. Just talk to me baby...

I cant lay on no booty for too long...
And ya drawz was round my neck, sorry...

Sweet. lol

August 1, 2008

maybe I AM trippin?

I dont know yall. Maybe im trippin. Maybe- and I thnk this is it- I still havent got used to the way things go on down here. But these niggas got no game out here. Its starting to get on my nerves. What be trippin me out more is these sucka-for-luv ass females is just suckin that shit up.. Now I dont mean like right up front; i mean the mind games that they go through behind the scenes and the changes they put themselves through just to be able to deal.
I got deep on this and maybe one day i'll put out the(very extended version..

But In short i was just thinking how females had the upper hand inthe "game". Thats how it was supposed to be because they have a sense of longevity and quaility;they're gifts from above control the way the game is played. For the test of time. it always was that way. Men will run with the game. Black Men are the biggest plays of them all. We ALL couldnt be running things.. But the shorty's aint smart'n up. Falling for the same dumbshit that the niggas i grew up lookin up to swore they would be able to do but couldnt.. Real talk, alot of it acount for the babymammas of the world. You cant change no nigga, for real. And you will get emotional before he do -WAAAY before. you aint supposed to be running behind no young nigga like a chicken with they head cut off. I aint never seen no shit like this ( at this type of level) till I came to TX. 24- 25 yr old bitches fightin over a 19 yr old. Two things MF's laughin at you for: 1) This nigga 19 and must be pipin' these hoes stupid (or even worse) 2)His mouthpiece (his game) that strong (or these hoes that stupid ) that he got them lookin like youngin's under him! ... Dumb shit like that. And niggas you know do nuthin but run the street, being naiive to yourself like he faithful to you and getting upset when you find out different - or better yet get proof.

Ladies, yall suppose to be the smart ones, the ones with the common sense and all that. Like I said, if I was in them streets like that lookin for that ass ( just like when you see your bro or cousin coming home with a diffferent female every week/other day). And im gonna get some, guaranteed. That takes the pride out the game. Its a garaunteed win. And sadly for some its the beginning of a loss which can vary in size. Fellas always been hoes, Faithfulness is very hard work especially with the outlets of communication we have today. We dont respect women as we should anymore - its obvious ( im speaking a a whole {black}people not any group in particular). I just caught myself the other day thinking of how im tired of seeing these drunk loose ass, which one i wanna hit bitches in the street thinking they all that just get ran through. Oh love that term!!! Think about how many females you know getting ran through... That shit aint right. I tell mah homies to myspace these hoese these days, for real- find out who they know and shit.. Brawd burn you down to the bacon bits! Sheet.

Smartin up hunz. Stop being naiive. Be tru. to yourself.. I aint tellin anyone to go all square or some shit just dont let these cats run yall ragged or more importantly disrespect yourself.. Man I held back so much but damn this shit is crazy.. Eddie Murphy said it back in the days.. Its like playing Russian Roulette wit ya dick!

PA: Niggas is and always will be some hoes too, thank you. And I love all you ladies.. lol

Gotta run- Happy Hour.. -Q.