July 27, 2009

Lets Get Random

Man , damn Vernon Forest got shot up.. This is a bad season for nigga trying to hold on to his life. Im trying to tell yall - this shit is scary these days. Steve McNair, MJ. Vern was a good dude man. He was actually going hard for HIS community in need- we dont got too many examples that came back home to make a difference.. Look at Harlem. so sad.

I been getting my school shit together. Excited- just to be learning, engaging my brain. Ever wake up and just feel dumb. I hate those days.. But whats messed up is im thirsty for knowledge all the time, I still pick up Encyclopedias and read up on history and science and stuff.. All I ever watch on tv is like cspan and discovery and all that shit.

Have yall seen this thing called the 'Fleshlight'? smh.

I think I get it now, why most black men( nobody's and notables) got that "Im gonna get you sucka look on they face when they get hemmed up by the cops.. Playa's aint tryin to get caught up like this. Skip look like he got straight hemmed up- feel sorry for the brotha.

Im sitting here debating on whether I hate the heat more than I dread going back to the cold in NYC. That shit gets Brick-ass out there. Yall know.. some of yall . Cold as shit! I mean I miss my Timbs and the NorthFace look (thats so classic to me) but I aint used to hitting the streets with the windchill on Flinstone Push Pops. fuck that. BUT THIS HEAT!!!! AHHH shiid.. Man I aint never got used to just walking out my house( for 9 months mind u) and just moistening up if i breath to hard.. It be bad specially them days you trying to go somewhere andsoon as you step out the whip down there feel like you had some hot nasty sex ... Pits look like an anxious dog done sat on your shirt; and ya forehead look like Johnny Gill's singin 'My My My' or after some bodywork wit Eddie. If you aint know theres a reason why niggas fight so much in the south. I wish a mothafucka would piss me off on a 106 day, shiiiiid.

I loooove hispanic women. Weakness since elementary. I think its a NYC thing. Typically Puerto Rican and Dominican. I've never really been attracted to a Mexican girl though. I had a partna of mine try to tell me that PR's and DR's are all the same.. Man we had a fall out that day. There is a difference. Just my opinion.

I still cant believe I put the weed down.(Lost for words)... I guess im just doing somethin different. Im a functionable weed head (as many young black folk are)- its just part of the lifestyle. I work better, study better, the sex is better - just shit, you know, in general is better(for me) after getting a L in the system. I been smokin since what, 12? never misssed a beat. But I guess too much of anything gets old. I havent quit! But I havent missed it- think about though. Just been passin on the sessions, lately.. Its weird, I guess. My homey told me I was trying to bring down my tolerance. go figure.

I got intouch with a friend the other day. Old friend. I was glad we touched base. Sometimes we as people hurt one another with the things that we dont say; that we dont address. I mean it is what it its, but respect is resolved. At least I hope so. Somethin about me (whether its me or them), creates a gravity of some sense when I meet people.. Women. Gift and a curse.. I love people. People apparently love me. Sometimes there's a lil lovin involved lol. Im not gonna go into this one.

Are you ready for some Football!!!!? Nope? Bring Basketball back.

For the record if you haven't already been in the know.. Lebron James was dunked on by Jamal Crawford. A College boy 192 lbs soaking wet...Head on. Lebron had the tapes in a kungfu grip. Step ya MJ23 up bitch. (Oh, um, Lebron James- the King of New York 2010- but until then ur under my nuts hoe!). Knicks!!! Fuck 50.

I need a Blackberry.. or iPhone.

I dont know what else I got.. I was just wing'n this one.. left my scratch at the house...
Praise Him, at all times. God is Love.B.I.G. rest in peace. Harlem -waddap. Somebody blaze up a dutch for ya boy. Cop that Jadakiss n D-Block joints. East Coast Hip Hop will be in full effect in about 5 mins. Believe that.
100 -Q.
And im out.


Coogie Cruz said...

I agree on needing a blackberry or Iphone. I thought of switching carriers to get a Iphone but decided against it, so I thought about buying an unlocked one but I can also see myself getting frustrated with the touch screen. *shrug*

Never smoked weed...don't know why ppl find that surprising about me.

There is a difference, this coming from a Puerto Rican.

If I could go to school forever, I will. Be like Lynn from Girlfriends with ten degrees. I have always been a nerd.

-Q. said...

Yep, never had either. Dont even have an iPod.. Wroked for the damn company and all lol.. But im leaning to an iPhone.. Worked for AT&T too lol, anywayz.. I like the apps plus im sold on Uverse so im gonna get the whole package. I'll get it when i move home at years end. What I really got an eye on is an SLR digital camera!

I'll smoke all the weed you ever missed out on all your life for you- trust me. I never knew how to explain smoking. Its just like drinking coffee.. speaking of drinkin i'd rather smoke than drink anyday, go figure

-Q. is forever in love wit da PR's and the DR's.. They're great(sometimes crazy) lovers

Im a nerd too. Just wasnt a schoolboy, wasnt for me.

::kacy:: said...

god, i love your blogs :) you entertain me so much. thanks for checking up on me recently! i awarded you on my page with a silly something or other. <3

-Q. said...

Its ll to the good kacy.. You n your fam been in my prayers for a while now. Your spirit is strong girl so as long as God is good (which he is)your days will always be bright.. Alwayz appreciate ya face in this place kace - that was a rhmye- cold as ice right? lol

PhlyyGirl said...

LOL @ that explanation of why niggas in the south fight so damn much. I've always believed that in my heart though. That's why Idon't like to visit my people too far south of the mason dixon line in the middle of the year.

I agree with the whole schooling thing. I think I fucked up by taking a break in between undergrad and grad. Gotta do someting to rectify that situation, but good luck to you though. I hope you find everything you're looking for...If not, then at least you'll be really, really,really smart by the time you finish. LOL

I gotta get a blackberry too. Was gonna get an iPhone, but I wear my nails on the longer side and that gets in the way of me touching screens. Def gotta get rid of the sidekick though. Womp womp.

LOL@ you finding out what a fleshlight is.

I'ma forgive you those derogatory ass comments about Lebron, just cause you made me laugh. King of NY my ass!

-Q. said...

@Phlyy I sincerely shit on Lebron daily. For that im sorry.. to you. I;m leaving the south cuzz this shit aint for me- well TX, I love the South(east). Knowledge is power and im a smart mofo without a degree always.. Working on that Berry..Fleshlight- might have to turn the lights out shiid lmao! Glad u came back thru ma. yep