July 15, 2009

Ya Boy on Vacate...

Waddap Romper Roomers.. I know I had the blog set aside for a quick lil minute. Well thing is, is that ya boy is on vacation!! Well vaction. lol Yea I went down to Galveston off the coast for some RnR. Im enjoying myself as much as i can.. And the alcohol is carrying me the rest of the way through. Im staying at a real plush beach house through a hook up and im down here for a week.. I'll try to get some pics up let yall know what im fuckin wit.. Miss yall- My up front players and the email clic who hits me behind the curtains.. Lil do u know yall are in my prayers and thoughts alot(at all times). But I put down pretty much all the communications I normally rock on a day to day basis till Saturday.. Be cool. I hit the beach today... Im warn out.. hopefully I get the speedboat hookup from some people I know out here.. Im out yall peacenluv -Q.

Yeah folk, let me know whats good.. I still got my eyes peeled just aint stretching my neck out lol

Michael Jackson
Aturo Gatti
Steve McNair
Farrah Fawcett
Joyce Destina Roberson-Grandma I Love U Always...


Coogie Cruz said...

Lucky ass.

-Q. said...

Everything that glitter coog, got potential for bullshit.. LOL I'll leave it at that.

Im coming to tha A next time.