July 23, 2009

Rollin Right Along...

Ayyyyo!!!waddap people. sad to be gone for a hot lil second, glad to be back. Was on vacation the other week and I kinda just seperated from everything the best that I could. Technology for one, media, my friends all that shit.. Of course some hatin ass mothafucka gotta throw they shit it in it. But hey, we been saying that same shit for years haven't we. Theres a poin in time where you have to CUT the Bullshit off and live.. Im not gonna get into that but alot of us say we do but with some things we dont know how to cut that shit right at the foot. Im adamantly trying to get with that program with ALL things so I can live life. Cuzz we all know these hatin' azz mothafuckaz gonna be the same tired niggas in life till THEY start to live. We know it so lets move on..

Anyway I had a good time I went to the beach in Galveston. Plush, to say the least about the trip... Me time. Such a plus.. Im from one of the fastest cities in the world but I think my soul got captured by some tiny country town or island villa somewhere because tranquility, quietness, stillness- it captivates me and I bask in it everytime I get the chance.. I remember as a child my mom used to read everynight and it would just be me and her, so if i wasnt romping around or had everything that had a plug blaring, it was fairly quiet.. Sometimes id get bored of being entertained and i'd just come and lay up wit my mom.Sometimes i'd read some of what she was reading.Sometimes I'd read my own shit. Sometimes id just be still and quiet. Its almost as exciting as being in the midst of something hectic.

Anywayz had alot of that. Drank alot of liquor, BBQ'd.. The Beach was the best.Second to the deck we had on the second floor of the house. Pure party spot. but when the sky started to turn orange then a hazy red, the water somewhat still, tiny ripples it captivates you and take you to a place within.. We dont get that enough amongst the masses and that was really cool. I came back rejuvenated and put some things in order. Im finally in my last phase of planning to go home. Its happening and I couldnt be more excited.. The only thing thats a drag is that my square footage is drastically going to be snatched from me. Talking bout 1000+ sq foot to 5, maybe 600 sq foot apartment (smh).. Its cringes my fingers to think about it. But other than that its NYC! Its Harlem- my home. I'll probably live in the outskirts (White Plains, Jerz City) where its a little cheaper but im right there you know. I get to eat Carribean and chinese food whenever I want. awwww. just thinking about exhaust's me - in a good way. My first year back will be rough but soooo much fun..

Im looking for a new gig, to up the ante my last months here.. I'm not going to be able to transfer to NY with what im doing here so I might as well get paid lovely for the rest of my stay. I've been looking into work back home;dropping my name to several employers just so im in the mix when I get there. Optimism is the key, if I see any set backs, I've already failed. Im also putting myself to get back in to school this semester.. I have to graduate.. Its a must for me. The way I was raised, I wont feel that I've accomplished the basics of my life if I dont complete the next level of my education. The refund check is gonna help as well. But I didnt have it before, so I dont have it once it hits my account. Dont know what im gonna take, but since I copped out to my original major, physical therapy - shouts to D'Youville College- I kindv'e been in disarray about a educational path. Im heading in the direction of international business.. It shall be done.. Narrowed down my choices of schools when I get back and all. Ive never been about lateral movement in the first place. Movement is either forwards or backwards, fuck tha bullshit. I miss alot of my old blogging folk, where you guys at.. I got another post coming behind this one real quik just wanted to drop a lil somethin cuzz people been tellin me i need to post.. -Q. Im so heavy.

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